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First pictures of Cantaora, 1975 Capy Dory Typhoon Weekender sailboat undergoing a total restoration & refit

This is the story of restoring an old classic sailboat named CANTAORA. She is a 1975 Cape Dory Typhoon Weekender hull no. 991 that I found advertised locally on the Internet, located about an hour's drive away from here in NW Florida for sale with a beat-up trailerand an outboard motor. Cantaora is the feminine Spanish word for a Flamenco singer.  The previous owner had her shipped with a beat-up trailer all the way from the Midwest, by putting the boat along with the beat-up old trailer onto a flatbed truck.  She suffered some cosmetic damage along the way as the bow rubbed up against the trailer. She then apparently sat on the same trailer in a backyard for a few years. The scuppers (with gate valves) that drain well below the waterline, were plugged-up with detritus, and based on the waterline mark on the aluminum compression post, it was apparent rain water had flooded into the cabin for a while. Now the interior looked like a squirrel den. No matter, a good pressure wash will