Cape Dory Typhoon: clean-out, discoveries

 While waiting for the yard to take Cantaora off the old trailer and onto jackstands, I had a chance to clean out all the stuff left in her by the previous owners.  This included moldy old cushions, some sails in bags (didn't get a chance to check them out but I don't have high hopes for the sails considering the state of the rest of the boat) old fenders etc.

The most interesting thing I found aboard was this old tiller pilot, the Mate made by Sharp in the 70s. It was a granddaddy of modern tiller pilots, weighs a ton, and has a battleship gray metal exterior like a piece of military hardware. There are knobs marked yaw, pitch and roll on the unit, and it came with a crate of attachments. I did not find much technical info about it on the Web, and sent it off to metal recycling.  This does bring up the thought of getting a new tiller pilot, probably a Raymarine ST2000.

A quick tour of the boat interior:

The opening portlights seem a little obtrusive and "off road capable"; I would have preferred something more dainty in bronze but I will keep them I think, while still keeping an eye out for deals on twin bronze opening portlights 


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